• ASFT Graduates

    Introducing our ASFT Graduates and newest elite Fitness Professionals!

    Personal Training Certification Course

    ASFT Personal Fitness Training Program Graduates

    Spring 2018

    Day Program

    Personal Fitness Training Program

    ASFT Personal Fitness Training Program Graduates

    Winter 2018

    Evening Program

    Trainer Certification Courses

    ASFT Personal Fitness Training Program Graduates

    Fall 2017

    Day Program

    Nutrition Coach Certification Course

    ASFT Nutritional Coaching Program Graduates

    Spring 2018

    Saturday Program

    Personal Fitness Training Accelerated Program

    ASFT Personal Fitness Training Program Graduates

    Summer 2018

    Accelerated Program

  • Where are they now?!

    Our ASFT graduates are out there making their mark in fitness! Here is where you can find them!

    Liz, NASM-CPT

    Crunch Fitness

    Kyle, NASM CPT, PNL1

    RPM Athlete


    Keri, NASM-CPT

    Cheshire Physique

    Julie, NASM-CPT

    Gold's Gym

    Brian, NASM-CPT

    Essential Fitness

    Elisa, NASM-CPT

    Burn Boot Camp

    Petey, NASM-CPT

    Orange Theory Fitness

    Lindy, NASM-CPT

    Fusion Fitness

    Jenn, NASM-CPT

    Orange Theory Fitness

    Dawn, NASM-CPT, PN L1

    Kelly, NASM-CPT

    Anchored into Fitness

    Cristina, NASM-CPT, AFAA-GFI

    Train with Neen


    Title Boxing

    Nicolas, NASM-CPT

    Orange Theory Fitness

    Jack, NASM-CPT

    New Era Muscle

    Valery, NASM-CPT, PN L1

    Orange Theory Fitness

    Tom, NASM-CPT

    Mass BJJ

    Joshua, NASM-CPT

    Orange Theory Fitness

    Alicia, NASM-CPT

    A. White Fitness

  • Student Testimonials

    Hear from our Director's past students!

    - Carol

    “Chellana was a knowledgeable, passionate and engaging professional. She came into the class every day with such great energy, it was infectious. As students she engaged us daily through well thought out instruction, discussion, media and demonstration. She found a way to make the education entertaining and even fun with her keen wit. I am grateful to have had Chellana as my instructor and highly recommend her services.”

    - Tom

    “There have been very few periods of my life when I could genuinely say I looked forward to coming to work/school every day, and that was definitely the case... You walk the walk with your incredible experience and your amazing personal fitness accomplishments. You care about your students and go above and beyond for them. That's a rare thing in this world and I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say I'm very grateful.”

    - Sarah

    "Chellana was my instructor ... Simply put, she was an excellent teacher. She is very knowledgeable about health and fitness, and was able to teach in a way that was both engaging and fun. She is a hard-working and motivating person, and her passion for the fitness world is clear in everything she does. On a more personal level, she gave me the confidence to recently join a fitness team and train for a bikini competition, which is something I never thought I would do. I hope many more people have the opportunity to learn from Chellana, as she is a uniquely talented trainer, teacher, and person!”

    - Emily

    "I have graduated from high school and college, and have had many teachers in my day. However, not one of them compares to Chellana. She was one of the most influential teachers I have ever had. She not only made learning fun, but went above and beyond to make sure that the entire class understood the material. She was always putting in extra time to ensure that each of her students was successful in the program. She made sure she did everything she could do in order to get all of us employed at the end of the program.


    The best part about having Chellana as a teacher was that she did much more than just teach us. She genuinely cares about each of her students and continues to check in on all of us even a year after graduating!”

    - Miles

    "Chellana has had a life changing impact on me. Her pure passion for nutrition and training is addicting. As a fitness professional, she not only preaches a healthy lifestyle but lives it herself, helping guide others on nutrition as well as personal training."


    - Roger

    "I was Chellana’s student for a six month course in personal training. Her engaging, interactive instructional style, focused lessons, and personal attention were instrumental in achieving my certification weeks before graduation."

    - Cinthya

    Thank you for always being the very best in every class and for taking the time the explain something more than once for me to really understand the lesson whenever needed. You are a great teacher, your classes are always fun and the exercises seem simple and easy when done by you. One year has passed and I feel really blessed to have had you as a teacher."

    - Stephanie

    "This woman is my inspiration she has taught me so much. She is an amazing teacher and leader. Chellana, I'm so grateful that I can learn from you. You're an outstanding individual and I'm so blessed to be your student."